10 Things NOT to do: When moving to a new place

August 22, 2012

  So yesterday, I tried to move into my apartment and it didn't quite go according to plan. I had two friends from work and my family that helped me move a few of my things into the apartment. The only things we got moved in was my coffee Table, My couch cushions, my microwave, and my closet. We arrived only to find out that my apartment has no power, no gas and electric. It wouldn't be on until next Monday. Then the car we used didn't fit my coffee table, so I had to sit in the passenger seat on my knees and use the upper half of my body strength to keep the door from flying open during the drive. One of the more crazier things I've done. Oh and here's the kicker, My cell phone has absolutely no reception in my apartment, near the window at best I have a bar and a half, gotta love T-mobile. So now I have to get a house phone. Which won't be until Next Tuesday. So without further a do here are ten things NOT to do:

1. Do NOT wait til the last minute to pack.

2. Do Plan the best route from your old house to your new house.

3. Do make sure that everyone has enough of a decent sense of direction to NOT get lost on the way.

4. If you do get lost COMMUNICATION is key!! Make sure everyone's cell phones have each others numbers and that phones are charged.

5. DO check your apartment for your phone reception, my cell phone doesn't work at all and now I need a house phone.

6. Do pack things like books and dvds in many boxes, makes it easier to hold and carry.

7. LABEL EVERYTHING, the last thing you want is something getting lost in the shuffle.

8. Do make sure that whatever you do have to pay for is switched over in your name BEFORE you move in.

9. Do Make a copy of your keys, either for yourself or people you trust, your parents, or grandparents, your younger sister.

10. Do give some type or reward or payment to your helpers. I plan on having a pizza party. Just make sure they feel the grattitude, because believe me there is nothing worse then trying to move by yourself.

So just keep these few things in mind, when choosing a new place. Enjoy your new place, you've worked hard and you've earned it.

Mistress Out,


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