The Day we decided to Be Babs Gordan and didn't wear a mask.

August 7, 2012

  My little sister and I are avid fans of Batman. Of course, she is more partial to the new generation, but I'm more old school. She was volunteering today at our library, and I proceeded to call her Babs all day long. When I was her age, I volunteered at our library and went on to be lead teen activity coordinator. It was fun and I had a blast but unfortunately, the librarian that was in charge no longer works there, so my legacy has been forgotten. (enter sad face here.)

   The cool thing about being at the library, other then the flood of memories. Is that their collection of Manga/Anime and Comic Books is unparalleled.

The first book I wrote a review on.

  Of course, My sister is tired after like an hour and a half of shelving. That wimp, so she joins me while we wait for my mom, and we decided to go outside to this really pretty monument and take pictures!

My custom cut Amazing Spiderman Bow back shirt.

 Super adorable Sister Portraits:

I finished the night by checking out Love attack Vol. 1-6, Batman's: The long Halloween, All-star Batman and Robin Vol. 1, Catwoman, and Spiderman V.s. Black Cat. Peace out my nerdy readers.

Mistress Out,


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