Tactical Tuesdays #2

August 7, 2012

New Music:

-The Beatles and Ke$ha -Tik Tok Together ( A doctor Dude Mashup)

-Nicki Minaj- Pound The Alarm

-Nicki Minaj- Masquerade

-No Doubt- Settle Down

New Blogs:

 -Vampy.bit me: Professional Cosplayer: Linda Le

 -This Fellow: Keiko Lynn's Adorable Boyfriend and his fashion sense is top notch.

 -Yaya Han: International Cosplayer

Cool stuff I found:

-Keiko Lynn's New Blog Layout!!

- This display of painted Comic Book Covers in my new apartment. Found at Meijers.

-Other cool things I want in my apartment: Also found at Meijers.

Mistress Out,


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