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May 14, 2015

Hi Gang!
 I wasn't completely slacking that week I was sick. I was able to secure an interview with the genius designer of From Zombies With Love, an adorable indie shop, that makes the world's most squishiest Plushies. Without Further ado, I let Sasha introduce herself!

- Tell us a little bit about yourself and your shop.
My name is Sasha, a 25 year old living in Orange County, California. I am the creator and owner of From Zombies With Love, the outlet for all my creative energy-- I make all sorts of items ranging from plushies to pins to accessories. I've only recently rededicated myself to managing an online shop, which is something incredibly rewarding and challenging, working a full-time job and managing to have some semblance of a social life!

- Where do you get the inspiration for your creatures?

Truthfully, inspiration comes from everywhere, and at random. My brain is always on, even in dreams, which is where the idea for my batties came from. More recently, the ideas for my Klawnarok creatures came to me when I was bored and doodling on post-its at work. I'm also pretty big into the idea and art of mixing things deemed 'creepy' or 'odd' with cutesy/kawaiiness. I've been very inspired by the art of Junko Mizuno, my favorite artist. 

- Are you a self-taught seamstress/Plushmaker?

Absolutely! I didn't have the good fortune to know someone who could sew, so I taught myself when I was about 17 or so, because I really wanted to try cosplaying. From there, I began trying to figure out how to make plushies, mainly to use as props for my costumes. I eyeballed things a lot, and just did things the way I thought they should be done, occasionally turning to tutorials or youtube for help. Even up until now, I rely a lot on trial and error, which I honestly think is a good way to learn.

- For future plush makers, what would you tell them?

For all my future plush making peers, the best piece of advice I can give is to always push yourself and not give up, as cliche as that may sound. Creating alone, let alone plushies, is no easy task. There will be just as much frustration as there will be feelings of accomplishment. Don't say something can't be done, but instead ask yourself HOW is can be done. 

- If you could create a plushie of any character, without consequence, who/what would it be and why?
Oh man, I would make so many if I had enough time/energy/material. I really love Pokemon (and always will!), and I would love to make a giant Gyarados just because of the sheer size and detail of it. I'd also love to make all of the Minutemen from Watchmen, as that's my favorite graphic novel.

- What is your design process for your plushies?

The design process is a fairly basic one-- once I have the idea set, I'll draw out a pattern for all the major pieces. From there, I'll cut and sew them all out and play around with the detailing, such as expression (or in the case of my voodoo dolls, the stitching, rips, and tears). If I'm unhappy with a certain aspect, such as its limbs, I'll scrap them and start again. 

- If there was one thing you would like your customers/followers to know about you and your business what would it be and why?

From Zombies With Love is my pride and joy-- it's definitely been of roller coaster of ups and downs over the years, and there was a point where I honestly thought I'd never make anything again, but I am super appreciative of the support and love that I've received for my works and on a personal level. My greatest joy is seeing that someone is happy with what I've made. I believe that my purpose in this life is to bring joy to others, and my way of doing it is with what I am able to make.

- What are some of the things you Nerd Out about? 
I nerd out about so many things, it's borderline ridiculous! Just to name a few, comic books (particularly Marvel, Dark Horse, and Image), anything zombie related, video games, Pop! vinyl figures, plushies, and of course, any handmade goodies! I always love to look at my Instagram feed and check out the amazing hand crafted items and art my peers make.

 Isn't she just darling?! Make sure you guys check out her Instagram + her Shop!

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