July 15, 2015

Hey Gang!

 So a week has come and gone, and I'm sure you've noticed some cosmetic and content changes here at Nerdette At Large. Do not fear! I am still the same person and thus, am still capable of creating the content that you love and enjoy, but I wanted to make sure that I was staying true to myself as well. If you go through the really old archives, 2011 and back, you'll see this was more of a style and makeup blog. I won't be going that far, but there will be style posts and tutorials popping up here and there. I wanted to bring it to your attention, so you guys didn't freak out!
 The banner with my new branding and logo, was created by Kristen Winklebee. I found her on Instagram and her art is glorious, if you haven't seen her stuff, you must go now...right after you finish reading my post of course! In the Navigational Bar, you'll notice a new tab, called Nerdette Minute. This is the title of my brand new youtube channel coming soon. I'm not sure what kind of content I want to do yet, but I know it will be fun and to the point. So click it, to subscribe so you don't miss anything!
 Posting schedule will resume Next week, because I will be on vacation in Virginia Beach, and don't want to leave you guys without content for an entire week, you might forget about me! If you are interested in the hijinks I'll be up to on my vacation, simply follow me on twitter and instagram. Or you can wait for the blog round up.

Thanks for reading guys!

 Stay Nerdy,


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