Comics Roundup #8

July 31, 2015

Hey Gang!
 How are you guys doing today? If you guys are following me on Youtube, you will have already seen all the comics that I'm talking about today. One of the perks, of subscribing to my channel, you get to see the awesome stuff first. For everyone else, I'm going to talk about my latest trip to my (now local) Comic shop. This was actually my first time visiting, but I loved it so much that I'm not going to go anywhere else now!
  I originally stopped by Arcadian Comics and Games so that I could shyly offer a stack of my business cards to put on their counter, but then I looked inside and it was glorious. Not only did I get to leave a stack of my business cards, and some of my stickers, I also got to schedule an interview with the staff (coming soon) and a poster of NO Mercy signed by Alex De Campi! (Giveaway coming soon!)
  I have read all of the comics I purchased and pretty much loved them all. Black Canary is actually starting to grow on me. But I am newly in love with Silk, A-Force and Spider-Woman. I knew that once I saw Silk, I was going to love her, which is why I was so upset that I couldn't find it. I know I'm going to get serious hate mail for this, but I like her SOO much better than Spider-Gwen, in fact, had I known about Silk before Spider-Gwen, I probably wouldn't have picked it up at all.

What have you guys been reading? Any suggestions for me? Spill on Twitter: #Nerdetteatlarge!~

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P.S. It is my mother's Birthday today, Thanks in advance for the wishes!

 Stay Nerdy,


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