Nerdette Daily: Cosplay Edition

July 20, 2015

Hey Gang!

 Last week was so crazy for me! So much Comic and Gaming News, especially with SDCC! I learned that Batman '66 is going to do a crossover with the Avengers, not Marvel but Mrs. Peel. The british television show from the 60's was one of my go to tv shows to watch and it makes me so happy that two of my favorite "oldies" are coming together in a new way, I can't wait to pick up a copy of that issue. I'm so sorry about Nintendo's President Iwata's Passing. The first president that was not related to the founding company's family Yamauchi. At only 55, he left the world too young, and leaving behind a legacy that will be cherish for quite a time longer. Hayao Miyazaki is making his first CG movie and it's about a tiny caterpillar.
 As one of my favorite story tellers, with parts of my heart held by Kiki's Delivery Service and My Neighbor Totoro, I feel like I can have complete faith in his ability with a new medium. Plus, it's a caterpillar, so it's going to be awesome. I've already left on vacation but do not fret! I have lots of content lined up for you! Wednesday is my birthday, and Friday, I've got a Comics' Roundup! The first in a while, Since I realized that there is a comic book shop up the street from me, they will be appearing much more frequently! I've decided that I am going to attend both  Cincy Comic Expo and Cincy Comic Con, since they are in my home town. I want to have a cosplay to wear to them. I'm decided on two, but for right now I know that I want to be Launch from Dragon Ball. It makes me so sad that Toriyama, basically forgot about her, I would have loved to have had more of her in the show!

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