Comic Round UP #16: UPALOOZA + Giveaway!

November 16, 2015

Hey Gang!
 Right before Halloween, I stopped into my local Comic shop dressed as Totoro and grabbed some comics. I grabbed the ones they put aside for me and then I grabbed a tradeback. I hadn't been in a month, so I was actually kind of scared at the sheer amount of money I would be spending but it honestly wasn't that bad. With Spider-Woman and Silk and A-force over, there won't be a lot to pick up until November.
 I was really looking forward to being able to pick up Niobe. I met Ashley at C2E2 this year and she's totally awesome, I can't wait to support about it. Unfortunately, I was unable to pick it up because they weren't able to order it in, so I will have to stop by another comic shop or order it online from comixology, which I don't want to do because I actually like collecting issues...
 After picking up ALL OF THESE COMICS, I realized that there are just WAY WAY WAY too many to put into one blog post, so welcome to the UPalooza! I have purchased 19 Comics, so I am going to write up 4 separate posts to help create bite sized reviews of about 4 to 5 comics for my lovely readers!!!
 Once I figured out how I wanted to organize the posts that are coming soon, I then took photos and put them away. They filled up the last space in my longbox. I only have one because I had just gotten back into collecting comics, with my ex. I share the love with my father, who reads them and I watched the cartoons and movies and such but before meeting my ex, I didn't read the comics. It took two years to fill up my comic box, and I"m pretty excited about it!!

- Harrow County #1

- Paper Girls #1

- Paper Girls #2

- Beware the Creeper

- Black Canary #5

- Gotham Academy #10

- Gotham Academy #11

- Zodiac Superforce #1

- Bombshells #3

- A-Force #4

- A-Force #5

- Batgirl #44

- Batgirl #45

- Bombshells #4

- Zodiac Starforce #3

- Zodiac Starforce #2

- Swords of Sorrows #1

- Monstress #1

- Black Canary #4

  I also picked up The first tradeback of Batgirl by Tarr, Fletcher and Stewart, which means I don't need the single issues that I picked up before So I will be giving them away!!! You guys support me so much and I wanted to give you back a little something.  So I'll be giving away Issues #36-40!

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 Stay Nerdy.


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