October Favorites

November 4, 2015

Hey Gang!
 October passed by so fast!!! I can't believe thanksgiving is on its way and then Christmas and New years right around the corner. Oh the things I have planned for you guys in 2016! I am positively itching to tell you, but I am determined to make you guys wait! I did a lot of things this month.

- My Halloween Party, was such a huge success this year!

- All the Fabric I managed to procure this month, bwahaha.

- Finishing A-Force, just in time for its new run in November!

- Buying my first Horror Video Game: The Evil Within

- Following through with a D.I.Y. Challenge (3 Times!)

- Discovering Shauna Grant, the artist for Princess Love Pon (GO NOW!)

- Getting interviewed by Bryandla of Quirky Brown Love

- I'm pretty proud of the Youtube Video Archive I've built up so far. (5 Videos in a month!)

- Trying my hand at Zelda Again, by picking up Tri-Force Heroes!

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