Nerdette Minute #6: Why I love Dick Grayson

November 25, 2015

Hey Gang!

Just stopping by to tell you that I did a quick Nerdette Minute Video yesterday about my love for Dick Grayson!! You can watch it below! Don't forget to hit the subscribe button so you don't miss out!


Reason #5: He is a Born Leader!!

Reason #4: Technologically Savvy, I drool over his gadgets!

Reason #3: He made a better batman during the Battle of the Cowl Run. In Batman: Reborn, audiences saw a lighter and friendlier Batman paired with a brooding and dark Robin, the Stories draw and written by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly. He's Batman with a conscience.

Reason #2: Incredibly Talented. Amazing Gymnast. Fluent in: Tamaranean, French, Latin, and Farsi. Plus, he plays GUITAR!!!

Reason #1: He's so much cooler than the other Robins.

Do you like Dick Grayson? Tell me why below! Or we can talk about it on Twitter!

 Stay Nerdy.


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