Cinema #22: Alice Through The Looking Glass (Spoilers!)

June 10, 2016

Hey Gang!

 It's been a while since I talked about movies, hasn't it? Since the beginning of May. By the way, I can't believe June is already here! Where in the world is the time going? Pretty soon, it will be my birthday, and then Alex's birthday and then Halloween and then our 3 year anniversary, man; time needs to slow his butt down. (see what I did there?) 
 I went to go see Alice on Thursday, the day before opening night. The theater was pretty packed, Alex, My sister and I had to sit at the top row. I was so interested in the movie, that I wasn't able to take notes until the very end, I basically just opened my notebook while the credits were rolling and word vomited all the thoughts that had been bubbling since the opening credits rolled.
 Here's what I thought about the movie. I absolutely loved that Alice was a sea captain. I loved that she was more of an adult and was doing something that most women of her time weren't, or even thinking about doing. I love that she was always called Captain, and not ma'am or anything that had to deal with her gender.
 Hamish was still a giant douchebag, but I'm so glad he finally got his comeuppance (sort of). Nothing makes me feel better than a man being told what for. What I love even more, is that it was her mother that told him! She stuck up for Alice in front of everyone i.e. sticking it to society in the better interested of her daughter. I love that we get more of a backstory for both Hatter, and Iracebeth. I love that in his stories, no one is bad for the sake of being bad. Everyone has a reason. I could totally see the Chronosphere being a hot nerd necklace item for the upcoming holidays. I've always been a fan of clocks, and their inner parts and gears. I was such a huge fan of the caretakers of the Grand Clock, especially, Wilkins. He was so adorable!
 I think it was interesting that Time was not only in charge of how the days pass through in Underland, but also life and death. He was Underland's God. At the beginning of the movie, he is portrayed as an evil kind of guy, however, I think he was just trying to be an over potective father of the Chronosphere and also looking out for his own self-interests. It was apparent that the longer the chronosphere was away from its perch, the more pain and despair he suffered.
 I absolutely loved that the film was dedicated to Alan Rickman. Also can we all be super honest and not pretend like the Cheshire Kitten wasn't the cutest thing in the entire movie?! Like literally, it made me the happiest I had been in a while, especially about a movie character. I feel like Iracebeth only wanted the truth, She did keep the Hightops alive, but that doesn't absolve her sins. Although, I do think it was cute, when she looked at the ground and said she had a thing for small things.
 I was intrigued by the similarities of Alice's Mother and Hatter's Father, although they were concerned about societal wants and needs, they didn't necessarily put them above the creativity of their children. I thought it was interesting that Hatter doesn't think Alice is His Alice when she doesn't believe in his impossible thing. I was super scared for the Hatter during this movie. He just kept looking sicker and sicker.

 Also was I the only one who took the solution of "Female Hysteria" was Rape? Like Moriarity
Dress/Socks/Bag: Hot Topic
Shoes: Rue 21
(He's been in lots of movies, but he'll always be Moriarity is to me.) was fighting her complaints something fierce, and then when Alice stabbed him with his own syringe he was out for the count. What would have happened to Alice after he had injected her with the syringe? I feel like the 1800's owe every woman an apology.
 I was a little sad that Alice gave up her "fallen Soldier", I absolutely adored that the seconds could come together and become minutes and then the minutes became hours.They were just these giant mecha robots. That just tickled me pink. The time Puns were Life!! I wanted Alice and her mother to put the Ascots out of business. They definitely deserves that. The costume designer did the damn thing, her go to war outfit was amazing!! I absolutely fell in love with the time ocean. It was so cool to see snippets of the days of the past, it would have been awesome, if they slipped in some of the scenes of the original animated series. Whatever happened to the Knight of Hearts from the first movie? He totally got knifed and I want to know why. He must have said something not too nice to Iracebeth.
 All in All, I really really liked this movie. I give
 it a solid 4 out of 5 stars, I wish it would have gone a little bit further in the past and saw a bit more of the princesses, I love that their aesthetic was punk rock. Mirwana had pink highlights in her hair, and a choker collar. It reminded me of my teenage days. If you were a fan of the original, you should go see the sequel and even if you weren't you should still go see it because it was a fun time.

 If you have seen it we should talk about it on twitter. I'm always up for talking about Alice, she's one of my favorite fictional characters of all time.

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