Ranking My Favorite Fictional Detectives.

June 20, 2016

Hey Gang!
 I got something cool for you guys. Now, you know that solving mysteries is one of my favorite things to do. something I've enjoyed since I was very young and its something I talk about quite often. I thought it was be fun to rank my favorite fictional detectives for you. If you are a mystery dork like me don't be shy, leave your favorites in the comments below.

 Phryne Fisher: Although her character thrives in the 1920's of Australia, she breaks down barriers every episode. She has her own protection, a gold revolver and she fights for the rights of other women around her. I also absolutely love that she's a foster parent and works with a female Doctor. One of the biggest things I love about her character is that he's fearless. She'll go charging right into gun fire, for someone she cares about, her gun drawn and her wits ready for battle. If you'd like to know more about her, I did a full write up here.

Veronica Mars: I've talked about her numerous times on the blog, so I'll only mention short and sweet reasons here. If you want in depth, you can read this instead. I love that you can relate to her. Veronica is by all accounts the weirdo, the outsider. No matter, how popular you are, I'm sure at one point you have felt like an outsider and Veronica helps you get through it. Her sarcasm and wit is unmatched and she runs circles around that ridiculous police department. One of the biggest things about her for me personally is that she fights for the little guy. She observes all the people around her with power and influence are so completely corrupt and she tries her hardest to bring them to the light and do whats right.

- Hajime Kindaichi: His intellect is unmatched i did a write up on his show, if you're interested. I love his go lucky attitude and that so many people depend on him. Everyone from his best friend Miyuki to the Tokyo Police Department. His arch enemy; the Puppet Master is pretty unique as well. A portion of Hajime's Mysteries are orchestrated by him. Their relationship reminds me of Holmes and Moriarty, although Hajime is more entertaining to watch.

- Mystery Inc.: Scooby-Doo and his mystery solving crew has graced many a blog post in my 6 years of writing. As one of my favorite cartoon characters, and a future tattoo, how could I not include them in the list? Scoby and the Gang showed me two very important things. One, that you don't have to be a genius to be of use and two, that the scariest monsters are often Human themselves.

- Bruce Wayne: Most Importantly, the Adam West and Brave and the Bold versions. Batman's supposed to be the number one detective in the world. I am most Drawn to these versions, because they show two sides to Bruce. Brooding, calculating, the hallmarks of dedication to deduction, but also that it is okay to laugh. You don't have to be serious all the time to be taken seriously.

- Jessica Fletcher: In my opinion, one of my favorite amateur sleuths. Just a nosy little old lady keeping her close knit neighborhood safe. I know she is considered an amateur slueth, but she bails that police department out of trouble so often,I feel like she should bean honorary detective or something. At the least, she should be getting paid for it. She runs circles around them. I do find i pretty hilarious that she never seems to be in any serious danger, she's never captured, shot at, or chased off the road, but she always seems to solve the mystery, I wish I had her luck.

- Nancy Drew: Rounding Out my list the "original" female detective. The intuitive daughter of Carson Drew, prominent lawyer, Nancy spends a good portion of her time solving cases in River Heights, with her good friends Bess and George, and her boyfriend Ned. The reason she is the last on my list, is very simple. Nancy Drew was one of the first mystery novels I had ever read. It was one of my favorites as a child. However once I got older, I was very annoyed by what seemed to be the Nancy Drew effect. In every novel, two chapters from the end, for some inexplicable reason, Nancy gets captured. Every. Single. Novel. Every single time, that gets annoying really quick. Which is why I prefer the 60's television program. She was much quicker than the novel version.

Who are some of your favorite detectives? Lets talk about it on Twitter. I'd love to find more Mystery Nerds out there! Lets fangirl or guy, together!

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