My Favorite Fictional Fathers

June 17, 2016

Hey Gang!

 Before I jump right in, I wanna wish all the fathers a wonderful fathers day. I thought it would be fun to celebrate all the fathers that do hard work, and give a list of my favorite fictional fathers while I was at it. I think it would be so much fun, because I indulge in a lot of fiction in my life, and I could honestly use the distraction. My dad has always been my inspiration when it comes to fictional series. He's one of my favorite people in the world! What better way to honor him, than to list a few fictional characters that makes me think of him! Here are a few a of my favorite fictional fathers.

- Son Goku: I love that he is able to handle almost any threat to the universe and still has time to train his children to have love and respect. He's always there for his friends whenever they need him, for whatever they may need!

- Keith Mars: Other than giving birth to one of the most kick ass female detectives EVER? He's always there for Veronica. Pushing her to be better, to do better than he did. Always pushing her to new limits of deduction. Veronica Mars is one of my favorite detectives of all time, and I love how supportive he is of her, even when she gives up her lawyer career to be a private eye like him.

- Sirius Black: Now I know that he isn't a father, but more of a father figure. I feel that for the time he was there, he gave harry some semblance of a family. I know that it isn't a popular opinion, but I feel like Sirius was a better father figure to Harry than Dumbledore was.

- Carson Drew: Father of Nancy Drew, as a single father just like Keith, he does everything he can for his daughter, even so far to help her with her own cases. Nancy does a good job of collecting evidence for her father's cases.

-Thomas O' Malley: The Alley cat from Aristocats. One of my favorite animated films. Not only did O' Malley help the kittens find their way back to the mother, but then loved the children enough to adopt them, and grow together as a family. Plus, he was musically inclined, and  I love a good beat!

Who are some of your favorite fictional fathers? Any that I missed, that you feel should be included? Leave em in the comments below! Lets talk about them on Twitter.

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