Cinema #28: Justice League Dark

March 22, 2017

Hey Gang!

  If you have been reading me for a while, you'll know that I love movies. Whether they're in the cinema or just cuddled up on my couch and watching them at home. I love Movies, and I love film. Nerdette At Large has resided in some form, at this address since 2006. I have watched quite a few films in this time.
 You guys know how much I love Batman. I've never talked about Superman or Aquaman Day on Nerdette At Large. I'm a DC fangirl, and I've always been a huge fan of Batman and his whole squad. The other day I watched Justice League Dark and I'm not saying that it wasn't good but I had a few things I could have done without.

One. There was so much death for a DC Animated Film. I count at least three bodies! Seeing as this is J.L.Dark, it's not like they couldn't have brought a couple of those people back. When there's magic involved, death doesn't seem to be a permanent thing. When I first saw that this movie was coming out, I was so excited that I re-read my Justice League Dark Vol 1. Expecting to see the awesome crew I know and love.
 Instead I got a whole lot of Batman. I love Batman, he's probably my 2nd favorite hero. I go see pretty much Batman anything except (UGH Miller), but even I have to admit, that this movie had WAY too much Batman. They definitely could have given that screen time to a member of J.L. Dark, that could have used it, like ALL OF THEM. I'm very tired of him being the only DC hero getting any love.

My Favorite scene has to be the fight between Zatanna and Faust. I've only seen Faust one other time in Justice League Unlimited, and he seemed to be kind of a low level villain, I guess he put all those books in his library to good use, and bulked up a little. A huge fan of Zatanna, I was definitely expecting much more of her in this, she's always an extra or a back up character, since she's actually in this film, and part of the Dark Franchise, I was expecting her to take like 75% of the space, I was sorely disappointed.

 Also, there is just something that really grinds my gears, about a womans voice being taken away. Villains do it all the time, I've lost count on how many times it's happened to Dinah. In this tone, and society, and time frame, there is something very mysoginistic, about the ability to "shut women up". That I've noticed has an underlying thread throughout a lot of DC comics, starting with this resurgence of the Killing Joke. So when Faust, took Zatanna's voice, and thus her "ability" to do magic, it really left a bad taste in my mouth, that further colored the tone of the film.
 I loved seeing the Swamp Creature, and Deadman. Two Characters that don't really get a lot of love, I would have liked to see Madame Xanadu, Black Orchid, and Shade, honestly. I would have also liked to delve a bit deeper on how Constatine and Zatanna know each other so well.
 All in All it wasn't a bad movie, it was just not quite what I expected. I really need DC to realize that Batman is not their only profitable character, and then act accordingly.

 Have you seen Justice League Dark? Did you like it?! Let's fangirl on Twitter about it!

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