Comics Roundup #29: Batgirl and Birds of Prey 1-3

March 20, 2017

Hey Gang!

 I'm back! Last week was a little rough, and while I wasn't really able to create content I was at least able to give you a video, and do some reading. So I'm back with my first comic post in like a month. I buy comics in spurts, and then I read them in spurts and then I write about them. That's usually how things work here at Nerdette At Large. I have three jobs and time is a little scarce among them right now. I really wish I had the balls and the following, to quit my job and just work on my blog full time, I'm sure I could make it into a sustainable business, if only I had the time to work on it. However, bills can't be paid with wants and dreams right?

 I fell in love with Batgirl during Gail Simone's run. There's just something about Simone's writing that is just so authentic and honest. Then that gave way to the Tarr, Fletcher and Stewart run. While their writing did have some social issues that needed to be addressed (transphobia) on the whole it was as diverse as I had ever seen the D.C. universe. I fell in love with the art, and I collected all the issues.
 Now we have Batgirl and Birds of Prey written by the Benson sisters, who will be at C2E2. Another reason why I'm working so hard. For the first time, I want to attend C2E2 for the entire weekend and cosplay all three days. So definitely needed to scrounge up a little more for that. It's not that the series is bad, do not take that from this, but I'm just not into it as much as the other two.
 Barbara finds out that someone is selling information to the mafia in the area by the name of Oracle, her old alias. I was really hoping that Frankie was going to become Oracle with this reboot, but it appears to be going a whole 'nother direction. In order to help her track down the bad guys this time, she enlists the help of Dinah, Black Canary, on what she thinks will be a one trip folly, Babs has other plans however.
 She has re-opened the Clocktower, and they've begun their search for the person at fault, along the way they meet Helena Bertinelli, who we all know as Huntress, but she's hardly called that. She apparently was an integral part of Spyral, but since I didn't read that I have no idea what's going on with that front. The thing that people seem to get hung up on about Huntress is that she kills. What people don't seem to realize is that she only goes after literally the scum of the earth. People who killed her family and will kill others. I'm sorry, but I say "Go Get Em, Girl!" Plus, she's taking down the Mafia, responsible for murder, drugs and sex trafficking, not like they sell ice cream on the corner and make an honest living.
  It seems that they've finally moved away from Gordon being Batman, because that was just super weird to me, so I'm glad that's over. He still makes appearances in this series, mostly as an over protective father, so nothing new there. Babs and Dinah meet Helena as she attempts to murder their prime suspect in the Oracle caper. They begrudgingly decide to team up. One thing that really stuck out to me is that Barbara seems very suspicious of everyone around her. Which if you think about it makes sense, only a few people knew about Oracle, so it's possible that she has been betrayed. However, she makes a habit out of calling out Helena and making sure that she is watched every moment.
 She even snaps at Helena after she saves her father, and only after Gordon Thanks Helena, does she see the error of her ways. Of course, by then, Helena who didn't seem to patient anyway is pretty fed up and decides to leave the group. I bought one through six, so I'm working on the next three now.  One of the biggest things for me, is that they rehashed the story of The Killing Joke . I HATE THE KILLING JOKE. It was a one shot that has been around for way too long, Everyone knows the damn story, there is no reason to put it back into rotation, or even in her story. She's Batgirl, not Oracle, She can use her legs now and she's stronger than ever before, I was so absolutely angry when they rehashed that story. Absolutely Livid.
 Like I said earlier it's not that I didn't enjoy the story. It's just different from the others, and I enjoyed both other runs a lot. Perhaps it will get better with time, it is only the beginning of the series, but I really had to push to get through the art. That's a big thing for me is the art. It doesn't have to be pretty, but it shouldn't distract from the story it should help it along.

 Have you read Birds of Prey? What did you think? Let's chat about comics on Twitter!!

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