New Boxies!!!

April 10, 2012

 I was working the third shift all Easter weekend which wasn't bad, I made ok tips, but it was slow, so during the down time, I made another pair of boxies. I was going to turn these into the secret project I was telling you about but didn't have the right yarn so I decided to just make them into bumblebees with no bows. So here are some pictures of the finished product and before work in progress Wednesdays too!! As you can see by the formatting It makes a lot more sense right? Well... That's because my dad found a laptop for me to use while I'm getting mine fixed, but If I have to tell the truth, I'm already falling in love with it!!
  So there they are!! Cute adorable and super useful. I love having my fingers free! They've been added to the shop as well as my other two designs. I am currently re-working things here so don't be surprised if things look a little different every time you come visit. Be sure to look out for the re-designs soon!!! The completed design and revamp of the shop and blog, I am hoping to have completed by the middle to the end of summer.
  Even though, this Summer I plan on getting my driver's license AND My STNA license. I am very excited about this turn of events! I feel like I will finally be on the right track, especially after the semester is over and I can relax a little. 

Mistress Out,


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