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April 18, 2012

  I went to My friend Grant's Capstone yesterday. There were like 5 Seniors there. Basically for an English degree you have to take two books and compare them in a 15 page paper and then create a visual presentation (powerpoint) about it. I went to support Grant. I know he was nervous about it, and I went there as the great friend I was. Each person Had a really unique view about the books they chose. I felt really bad, because there was a girl who chose to compare the novels of Gormaghast, with Lord of the rings, and I pre-judged her. Of course I didn't say anything outloud, but I still felt bad for even thinking it, you really can't judge a book by its cover. (See what I did there?)
   So, after getting through the first four, we got to Grant's powerpoint, which I knew was going to be amazing because I had stayed up with him one night while he worked on it. Comparing Marat/Sade and V for Vendetta and how we need revolution to get rid of our government masters. However, they had given everyone else so much time, and then cut Grant's presentation to the quick saying there wasn't enough time left. He was already nervous in the first place, and then They were rushing him, plus he was reading to a professor that was constantly checking the time, like his circumstances, were just so unfair !! I went to congratulate him, and he told me to shut up. Usually, I just ignore him, because he's a ticking time bomb, and I'm used to him blowing up at me, sure it makes me sad, but I get over it, but I guess it was just one time too many, because I haven't talked to him since then.
 However, on my way to class there was a table with a sign that read free stuff on it, and there a bunch of old books. So I decided to pick up this one with a plain red cover. It's called The professor of Desire by Phillip Roth.
 I'm looking forward to reading it, as soon as I'm done with all my History makeup hmwk.  Here's what's left and how I plan on tackling it. 

Tonight: I will read Strayer Ch 23 and Reilly pg.981-1002
Thursday: I will read Strayer Ch 20 + 19
Friday: I will read Strayer Ch 18 + Reilly pg. 802-825
Saturday: I will read Reilly pg. 670-709 + Strayer Ch 16
Sunday: I will read Strayer Ch 15 + Reilly pg. 620-635 + pg. 670-689

 And my catch up work will be completed!! I already Did my math hmwk due on Monday, and I'm on my second draft of my persuasive speech, and my phone bill is paid, Once I'm done There will be this humongous weight lifted off my shoulders! Just imagine the free time. LOL.

Mistress out,


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