When you meet a Wolf-man and all you have is a tablet.

April 4, 2012

So, as a master blogger I fail miserably. I tried to make a schedule that would fit school, work and blogging together in this perfect harmony but it literally seems like there is no way I can do that, everything seems to fall apart.  I haven't been blogging because it is way too much of a hassle right now. My actual laptop keyboard is dead beyond repair. It's missing two ridiculously important keys right now which makes it a hassle to type. I'm working off my table now, but it makes a hassle to upload photos even if the pictures are on the HARD DRIVE, It's seriously pushing my buttons.
 I was totally show off these incredibly nerdy model kits I found at a hobby shop while we were waiting to get the car fixed. AAA will definitely be getting a howler on Monday! I am not sure if I have shared this or not but I adore old scary movies. When I say old, I mean old. Vincent Price, The mummy, the wolf man, creature from the black lagoon, the original Dracula. That kind of jazz. So when I was walking Down the aisle and discovered these goodies I was totally ready to upload these pictures and make a whole blog entry2 out if it, but apparently my tablet had other plans.
 I found model kits of the following: Star geek's enterprise ( I nearly hyperventilated, I-m almost certain people outside the store could hear me!!  They also had mobile gundams. Big and small. Bandanas'. Vampire van and barnabas and the wolf man from Dark Shadows, which is one of my favorite "adult" shows ever!! I can remember watching it when I was little watching it with my uncle tori as we eat our super buttery and delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.

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