Handheld Mistress #21:New PS3 GAMES

April 10, 2014

  My boyfriend and I have just purchased a new television, and as we are the super nerdy couple that we are, a new television definitely calls for 2 things. New Video Games and New Movies. We stopped by Gamestop on his side of town, to see if we could find a cheaper alternative to the OUTRAGEOUS game controller prices we discovered at Best Buy. Unfortunately, every company seems to be sipping on the Kool-Aid because we couldn't find anything at an affordable price, except this God Awful wireless controller that was the color of pepto Bismol, with trees in the back ground, Alex informed me that it was pink Camo. (Why In THE WORLD WOULD YOU WANT A PINK CAMO CONTROLLER? THAT'S ANOTHER POST ENTIRELY) Why is every controller for the PS3 we found 54.99 and Up? I nearly had a heart attack when I saw those price tags at Best Buy.
  While in Game Stop, hoping for cheaper controllers (Fail) Alex and I picked up a few games, I feel like an adult gamer, every single game I picked up was rated M and this time, they didn't card me! Aw Shucks. I told Alex, I wasn't going to spend more than 40, and I was 8 bucks away!!! I didn't realize until I was already in line that They had started Selling Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, but seeing as I'm still finishing Diabolical Box, I feel like I can wait for the price to come down a bit. So Instead I got 4 new (to me) PS3 games. Assassins Creed, Fairytale Fights, Borderlands and Dead or Alive 5. Alex picked up Mortal Kombat V. DC Universe. I don't know if  you guys have read VSS before, but 3 of these games are NOT like the others. I'm wanting to expand my gaming experience, I've never been a big fan of games like these because of the camera system honestly, but I feel like as a gamer, it's holding me back from enjoying some really amazing games, so I have decided to take the plunge.  As Alex said, while dragging me towards the door (You really are a gamer, This is the last shelf, can we go now?) Ain't My Yoshi 3DS Pouch Hella Cute? I keep all my 3DS things in there, the system, the games, the charger and the stylus and I can drop it in my purse on the go. I LOVE IT! While I was in Game Stop, Dev from Kentucky visited me! I love streetpass, I can't imagine how amazing it would be to live in a big city like Tokyo or New York, and have my 3DS, It would probably crash with all the players I would get visits from.

Game on Sugars,
Until Next Time,


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