Comics Roundup #25: Falling in love with Lumberjanes Vol. 1

September 5, 2016

Hey Gang!

  I'm back from the library and I've got a basket full of books. One of the cool things about my particular library is that they have an amazing area of comics and graphic novels. I brought home quite a few, because I hadn't had the chance to stop by the comic book shop, so this was the next best thing.
 Today, I'm talking about Lumberjanes Vol. 1. I'm a little sad that I hadn't picked up the 2nd volume, because I pretty much devoured it. I was so sad when it was over, and I'm a little angry at myself for not reading it sooner. I was pretty much invested by the 10th page. I'm practically itching to go back and get the next couple of volumes, and now I'm eagerly waiting to read their crossover with Gotham Academy.
  I loved pretty much everything about this volume but there were three things that really spoke to me. 1. The supernatural slant to the story, not only where they out and about in the woods, where legit scary movies are dreamed up, but there are mythical beasts, things with more than two eyeballs, and shapeshifters. You know I love a good mystery, but something that slides in at a close second? Fantasy and Supernatural stories. Lumberjanes seems to have a bit of both, which just makes me smile. 2. The way its written is glorious. The story is probably the most female friendly I've read in years. All the girls personalities shine through Stevensons and Ellis Storytelling. 3. The Way the girls talk.  Where in the Joan Jett where you guys?I chuckled so much. I love that all of their expressions are women role models. So far, I've seen Phillis Wheatley, Joan Jett and Mae Jemison. If you don't know who these awesome ladies are, I have included wikipedia links for all of them.
  My Favorite Character so far is April. I feel like she is my patronus. (I've gotten in trouble for using the term spirit animal so don't use it anymore!) Her style is absolutely adorable. She's fearless and has the intelligence and apparently the strength, to back it up. She took out a talking statue, This chick is bad ass. She has been added to my list of future cosplays.
  I pretty much loved everything about the story, and love that even thought it a group of characters, that each of them have the chance to shine. I am actively looking for the next volumes, and I'm so glad that I thought ahead, and bought the first two issues of their crossover series with Gotham Academy!

 Are you a fan of the Lumberjanes? Whose your favorite? Lets talk about it on Twitter!

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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