Series #24: Gravity Falls: My Feelings after the Drop.

September 12, 2016

Hey Gang!

  I know I'm super late on this. I know Emily is smiling from Ear to Ear, because she's been trying to get me to watch Gravity Falls for a while. I finally started to watching it on hulu about a week ago, and today, Alex and I finished the Series. It was amazing. My mind is Blown, there is smoke coming out of my ears, and I'm having the exact same feels as Mystery Inc. Here's yet another show gone far too soon, and my heart aches for the fact that I'll never see the characters again. There are three things that Gravity Falls did well.

 1. Gravity Falls had amazing character development. Dipper and Mabel grew to love their surroundings and themselves. Soos gained self confidence and Mabel discovered that even though reality wasn't the greatest, that it was better spending it with someone who cares about her. Stanford and Stanley finally learned to settle their differences and follow their dreams. Heck, even Pacifica learned to be less snobby for the betterment of the world!

 2. The Supernatural/Scifi/ and mystery tilt to the plotline was phenomenal. The continuity was glorious and every episode lead to something else. The clues were so epic, and I got chills every time Dipper added something to the journals. You could tell there was something great coming up every time they discovered a new creature. The story was so well written, and they are definitely right about hindsight being 20/20. And the references, all the references. Twin Peaks, Aladdin, Aliens, and so so so much more. Love a cartoon with story arcs, it even got a few tears out of me. Gravity Falls definitely deserves a slot on my list of favorite cartoons of all time.

3.Gravity Falls Villains put Scary Movies to Shame. Now I have watched some creepy cartoons, I'm a huge fan of Adventure Time for instance, but Gravity Falls sure does take the cake. Bill was like the perfect villain. He claimed to be the muse to geniuses, and then used their brain power for his own evil deeds. What could be scarier than that? Most people think they're safer if there smart, and in this, they were the most vulnerable! There were many episodes that I had chills! Particularly the Spider people episode. I was cringing pretty much the whole time. It was an even split between the Black widow wanting to eat men, and Grunkle Stan and Dipper's flirting skills. The Mini Villains and the unique creatures that make up Gravity Falls were pretty awesome/scary too. I wasn't sure which was scarier. Robbie's parents chipper outlook of funeral planning, or the zombies running loose.

 You guys! I loved Gravity Falls So MUCH! The theme song is stuck in my head, I'm talking to Emily about my thoughts now that its over, and I'm looking up merchandise that I can wear when I nerd out. Suffice it to say, Gravity Falls is definitely one of those series, that make you go "Damn, that was good." If you haven't had the opportunity to see it, go watch it now. The entire 2 season series is available on Hulu.

What did you think about Gravity Falls? Who was your fave character? Lets chat about it on twitter!

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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