Handheld Mistress #37 :What I've Been Playing Lately.

September 26, 2016

Hey Gang!

 Can you believe that its almost a brand new month? 2016 is passing by so freaking fast!! I hardly have enough time to take it in. I thought it would be cool to start the week by telling you guys what  I've been playing lately. I haven't really been on social Media much, and for that I apologize. In my spair time, I've been playing video games and exploring my city. More on that later.

 Project X Zone 2 (3DS): I owned the original, and I didn't really play it all that much. The schematic was a little difficult for me to understand, and I wasn't a fan of drop down move menu. PXZ2 is my favorite game right now. The crossover element is expansive. I've been playing since February, and on level 38, characters about level 25 to 27, and I can't count the different characters and franchises that I've come across. Every couple of levels, I'm hopping around grinning because they brought in Miles Edgeworth, or have introduced the game marveland, to the levels you can explore. Plus, Space Channel 5, .Hack, Captain Commando, and so many more.

 Mighty No. 9 (PS4): With the same look and feel about it as Mega Man. You play as a robot, who is tasked with finding all the other robots in the area, and stopping them, from going crazy and destroying the planet. You have the ability to zoom past enemies, and absorb their powers which can help you in future battles. But you can definitely see influences from Astro Boy and Dr. Robotnik.

Puzzles and Dragons (3DS): You guys know how much I love puzzle games. So when I discovered this two for one combo I was in heaven. You can play as the Puzzle and Dragon Z or Mario Brother characters. The biggest thing I like about that game, is that you can move all of the tiles around and allow three to five to fall in line. A real easy way to rack up the points, if you do it right.

ChibiRobo Ziplash (3DS): This side scrolling adventure game. It's pretty awesome. You play as a robot who wants to stop aliens from taking over earth. The robot has a cord and the more power ups you grab during a mission, the longer your cord gets. You can shoot your cord in any direction that allows you to climb walls and continue through the levels, its a pretty fun game.

The Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure (3DS): A french dance and rhythm game which is great!!! The uniqueness of the rhythm games included are so neat. Pressing A and B to the beat, allows you to beat up Napoleon henchmen. Plus, you have an arch enemy, with a soccer ball. There's sheet music reading, puzzle fittings, and Memory games galore. Raphael is so adorable too, I'm a huge fan of this game.

Have you been playing anything awesome lately? Lets talk about it on twitter. I'm always on the search for something new to play. I am saving up for King Of Fighters, I'm so hype for that!!!

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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