The Silver Codex: A thought Process

September 7, 2016

Hey Gang!

 This isn't a review! Please don't look at this as a book review, because I don't do those. Just think of this as my thought process after I finished the book okay?

  I'd been working on this book for a while. When my friend Emily sent me the link to purchase, I deliberated for about a week before I went ahead and bought it. Money was pretty tight, and I hadn't bought anything else, so I was trying to justify the purchase, to my wallet. Then I decided, its a novel my friend wrote, and published herself on Amazon. This is the purchase of a lifetime.
 When I asked Emily what it was about, She said and I quote. A mythical goddess, finds a human to write down battles among other mythical creatures, and demons, in a codex for fear. Just like you, I probably tilted my head to the side was like hmmm. Haven't heard that one before. If you haven't had the wonderful opportunity to meet my friend Emily, She is a wildly imaginative person, who may come off as a unique taste to some, but for me, when I met her in the cafeteria, she's right up my alley.

  There are three things I can definitely say I liked about the book. 1.) The diversity of the characters. There were characters of all kinds in the book, not only skin colors and cultures, but also personalities. It covered a wide spectrum. 2.) I loved the fantastical and supernatural slant to the story, it was so real I could taste it! You met so many things. Vampires, Animorphs, Goddesses, Demons, Just super evil human beings, sweet human beings, and parents. There were a lot of parents in this book, which is a pretty rare find in the novels that I read.  3.) The way the characters defended themselves. Each person good or bad had a justification to why they were the way they were. Even thought the side of evil, was pretty damn evil, I could still see their point on a few issues, I don't know what that says about me, but now its out there, and I can't take it back.

My favorite Characters were Hanlowa, the Goddess of Horror Stories, and Lunette, the best friend. Most people expect the main character to be the favorite, but Xarissa didn't really do a lot for me. The development of the character is very good, she eventually grows to be a touch likeable, but in my opinion, she was just a big wimp. Which is probably why Hanlowa chose her, so she could toughen up.
  One of the biggest things to surprise me about this novel, was that there was so much death. So much loss of life. Which is one of the biggest reasons it took me so long to finish it. Just like with Jessica Jones, I had to take breaks here and there for self care. Emily is such a happy and upbeat person, I was taken aback by how much death she'd written in.

  I have given The Silver Codex 4 out of 5 Shurikens. (This is my book scoring system just roll with it.). If you enjoy Fantasy, Myths and Horror. This is the book for you. If you want to read something unique, that you won't find from anyone else. This is the book for you. If your favorite color is Silver. This is the book for you. What I'm saying is, since the book is so wide and there are so many stories, and characters to grab onto, literally anyone would find enjoyment in this book. Anyone can find something about it, that speaks to them. I commend Emily for creating such a gem.

Have you read any awesome books lately? Lets Chat about it on Twitter! Don't forget that you can learn more about Emily at the Links below.

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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