A letter to Santa Claus

December 23, 2016

Hey Gang!

Dear Santa,

 I thought I would write this small post to you. I want to thank you for the wonderful things that you have brought me over the years. We have shared a wonderful 24 years together. This year, I want something a little different. If possible Santa, could we possibly talk about Politics? Can we talk about Reproductive rights? Can we talk about how to handle Trump? I have a super small list of things I want for Christmas this year Santa. It's okay if you can't get them to me by Christmas Day, only if you promise you'll work on it a little bit every year. Okay, here it goes.

- Reproductive Right Overhauls in policy.  We have the right to our bodies, I don't need politics interefering with my reproductive rights. I don't need men who don't seem to understand the definition and the effects of rape, deciding what I can and can't do with my body. If you could keep all abortion bans out of the senate that would be awesome. Also, if you could just send A lot of coal to the representatives voting into law things like there should be burials and funerals for fetal remains after abortions, that would be AMAZEBALLS.

- Explaining to Trump what makes him Racist. If you could just send a couple of elves down to his bedroom, perhaps the ghost of Christmas Past, to sit next to him and explain how his presidency could potentially misplace thousands of humans. How his "policies" could be dangerous for people of color, for people who are non-binary, or people who have a different sexual orientation from him. So if you could just stop by every couple of days to explain that to him, that would be pretty great.

- If you could train Elves to test Rape kits. At this moment there are thousands of Rape Kits around America alone that are untested. Would it be possible to get a few of your elves to help with the backlog. I mean they only create toys one week a year right? So technically they could be borrowed to help out with the massive backlog? There are tons of women and men, who are waiting on results and justice, and I would just love for this to be a thing.

 I'm pretty sure that these are the only things that I want for Christmas. Thanks for listening to me.

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