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December 29, 2016

Hey Gang!

 Thought I would continue the momentum I've got going on right now. I generally don't talk about music on Nerdette At Large. Not because I don't listen to it, but simply because music just is. It's hard to quantify it. I've always admired music bloggers, because I don't understand how to describe music except for how it makes me feel.
 You'll notice there are quite a few rap songs on my list. Here's my criteria. There are three things that make a rapper decent to me. Lyrical difficulty. I love learning rap verses, it's a guilty pleasure. Musical Flow. This can pertain to the beat or how the lyrics are crafted together. I like a super smooth flow.
  Rappers like Chief Keef and Jay-Z turn me off because to me they sound like cars trying to turn over. Put- put- put. The songs message. What are they trying to tell me? Even if they used SAT words and phrases put to the smoothest jazz beat they could muster, only to talk about selling drugs and or getting "bitches", then what was the point?  So here are a few songs that made me feel, or were on repeat for the year of 2016.

- Hamilton, The OST: Hamilton has been in the news quite a bit this year. A hip-hop Broadway play, re-telling the life of Alexander Hamilton, the face of the $10 bill, with a full cast of color, who has quite an open door policy when it comes to their opinions of the new POTUS and friends. I had never heard any of the music but had read all the love on the timeline, and then discovered the entire soundtrack on youtube. I have been listening to it on repeat since, I almost have all the words down. Honorable mention songs are: Burn, Aaron Burr, Sir and Non Stop.

- Body Language- San E: San E, a Korean rapper, has been on my phone for quite some time, but this song he outdid himself. I downloaded his newest album and also had Dishes and Sour Grapes on repeat for quite some time, I think I even mentioned them in a monthly favorites post. However, the lyrical prowess presented in this song and the topic, gives it a spot near the top of my list. The video is pretty funny as well.

- Mama- Louie: Louie is making his solo career after the success of Geeks, and I am absolutely loving it. I have about four or five of his solo tracks on my playlist, but the reason Mama makes the list is partly the lyrical prowess, and the subject matter. What can I say? I dig a rapper that can express himself and what he's trying to say flawlessly to a beat. Even without speaking the language, I can follow the beat, and sometimes that just good enough for me. It also reminds me of D-Pryde's homage track to his mom : Proud.

- Good Times-Paloalto: Another repeat song of the year. This is the smoothest rap song I'd heard in quite some time. Every time I hear it I just sway. There's just something about it.

  Cake- Melanie Martinez: A fan since her Voice win, this song has definitely risen through the ranks. It even made it to the Karaoke lineup! A pretty decent anthem for women who are more than just a pretty face as well. I just dig her style, she's so unabashedly herself.

What have you guys been listening to this year? Lets have a chat on Twitter about it!

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