Series #26: Favorite Television Shows of 2016

December 30, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I'm beginning to run out of days, so I am combining topics. I will be considering Anime as part of this topic just to conserve space. I know they are two wildly things. I watched a lot of television this year, I was surprised about just how many I completed before the year ended. I generally don't watch a lot of television but thanks to Hulu, CrunchyRoll and Netflix, I had the perfect companions for the job.

- Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless: I won't go into much detail about this title, I wrote an entire post about it, after I finished it. I absolutely loved it. I thought it was funny and refreshing and I
definitely have a soft spot for Tanaka-kun. I recommend it to every single person I can, I feel that it is a must-watch. If you'd like to know more you can read my full review.

- New Game: I wrote about the first 4 episodes here. I have since continued the series. Its just a cute, fun and adorable series. A female run Gaming agency, creating a new game in a series of rpg's for the PZ3 and there's an office cat, what else is needed?

- Luke Cage: I also write a full series review for this series. Alex and I finished it the weekend it came out. I won't expand too much. I loved the series, but not the way it ended, and I want a lot more. so Sweet Christmas, Netflix needs to hurry up!

- Bunkuro Stray Dogs: Is a super unique anime that I am currently into. I am working my way through Season 1 and I am very glad that Season 2 is already there waiting on me. I much rather burn through a series than wait for the next season, if you didn't know by now, I am NOT a patient person. The series follows a Detective Agency who have special abilities, based on Japanese Writers. I am absolutely in LOVE. Osamu is currently my favorite Character.

- Pretty Little Liars: I've been there since the beginning, and I honestly have to say, that I need to know how it ends. I was there for every cliffhanger, every fingernail biting moment, and with this final season coming up, I am waiting for bated breath to figure out what happens next, and all I have to say is I better See Spencer next season or ELSE!

- Stitchers: Honorable Mention. I practically blazed through the first season, just in time for the 2nd season to go onto Hulu, and then it just kind of stopped. I'm hoping that there is a 2nd half to the 2nd season, or that they are gearing up for a 3rd season, because I have to have more Camille! I just have to. She was my favorite character, and even kiersten is starting to grow on me. I have a season review here. 

Are any of these shows on your favorites list? Lets chat about it on Twitter!

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