Adventures With Spokhette #4: Findlay Market

December 5, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I made a promise to myself that I was going to get out and do more things this year. So when I had the opportunity to go out with Alex and his parents to explore Findlay Market, for the first time, I definitely was going to take them up on it! I was always driving past but not able to explore.

  I took all of the pictures. One of the first places I visited was Mavericks. Mavericks is a small company that creates unique flavors of chocolate. I spent a good while in this store, deliberating on what kind of chocolate I was going to get. Buying chocolate for myself is super difficult, because I have a peanut allergy, so if they can't guarantee that they are nut free, I usually give it a pass. They make small turtle chocolates, and I picked up just one to taste, because they were 2.00 a piece. But they were so delicious I had to go back and get a small box to take with me. I finally picked the white chocolate pieces that are stuffed with Mango Puree. They were AMAZING!
  After walking around for a little bit we explored a tea shop, and I found flyers for what seemed like an amazing play, but I was unable to get a day off for work to go see it. I was tres sad. After all the walking, we even got to explore an awesome furniture store with the most beautiful bedroom set. There's finally room for it in the new place, but it costs way too much to purchase right now. I got the most delicious Pepperoni stromboli from Taste of Belgium, and although it was still doughy in places, it was delicious!! I of course had to try at least one of the pastry shops that were littered throughout the market, On our way back to the car, we stopped at the farmers Market and there was a guy selling eclairs. Alex and I shared a blueberry one and it was magnifico! Not only did it have blueberry icing on top, but also blueberry filling it was magical! I also got to see my mother that day! We met up a couple of streets away in the downtown Cincinnati area, to go see a new ballet, Coppelia. It was supposed to be a brand new piece put on by the Cincinnati Ballet, at the Aronoff, one of our favorite places to spend our time. I was honestly a little dissapointed in the ballet. It seemed off to a really good start but then it kind of just fizzled out. It was almost like they forgot about the ending.
 I was pretty proud of my outfit, even though it wasn't really weather appropriate. I needed something that was both classy and casual, because it was just a regular outing in the morning and then something a little classier in the afternoon to the night. So I went with a red velvet dress with a open back, and contrasting ribbon tie from Hot Topic, and purple cat ears. Even mom thought I looked pretty, which is a far cry from her "oh Gab" reply to a good portion of my outfits. I'm working on putting together a vlog about the experience pretty soon. Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel, there are three videos up already this week, I've been on a roll lately.

Have you been to Findlay Market before? What's your favorite shop? Lets chat about it on Twitter.

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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