Falling in Love with Film

February 8, 2017

Hey Gang!

 You guys know I've been looking into getting better at photography. I've always been interested in film and digital photography, but with the toggle button on my digital camera only working 20% of the time, it has come to photographing with other means. A good portion of the photos taken for my posts are done with either my cell phone or my Ipad.
 I'm a huge fan of the photography posts that Dainty Squid and Beautiful Mess create,and I'm constantly trying to read up on what I can do better. A lot of people that have my camera say they have issues with the toggle button, so I've taken to keeping a pack of dental floss in my camera bag, to get the *dirt* from behind it so it can move. In the mean time, I've picked up a couple of new to me film cameras and have been using my Instax Mini, I keep it and two extra packs of film in my purse.

My friend Mary is a photographer and she only shoots digital, so she gave me her film camera, a Nikon N65. I won a Asahi Pentax on Ebay, but it didn't come with a lens, so I'm currently on the hunt for one. In the mean time, I'm photographing with the Nikon. You can tell I'm not use to using film, because I still have the reflex of looking below at the screen for the picture after I take it.
 I also want to learn more about how prints are made, and developing film, so I purchased quite a few off amazon. Four color, and one black and white, and I got quite a few film rolls, so I don't mess anything up, before I can get them developed.

    I haven't been able to develop any of the photos in my film cameras yet, so instead I'll show you a few of my favorites from my mini, since those photos are instant. The one with the paper heart is my ultimate favorite. It's the most recent photo I took, the night of the superbowl, and since I am usually behind the camera, it made me feel really pretty and happy that Alex, stepped away from Football to get a picture of me under his mother's decorations. I didn't even have to ask! He's the greatest.

Are you a fan of Film photography? What kind of cameras do you use? Let's Fangirl on Twitter!

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