Adventures With Spokhette #9: Valentine's Day in Over The Rhine

February 17, 2017

Hey Gang!

 I hope everyone's Valentine's, Single Awareness, or Galentine's Day was fun. Don't forget that you don't need a significant other to enjoy this day. If you are single, you could do what I did before Alex. I would get my favorite takeout, and a couple of my favorite movies and just enjoy my time free from work. The best thing to do is just to spend time doing things that you enjoy, and then sooner or later, someone great will come along who you can share that with.

 Alex took the day off to spend with me, which was the greatest gift ever! He took me to Findlay Market to buy chocolates I can eat. I have a peanut, tree nut and coconut allergy; this makes it difficult to buy chocolate because even if it doesn't have nuts in it, it's usually manufactured in the same place with nuts. So we stopped by Maverick's Chocolate. They make their own chocolate, and they create amazingly flavored truffles. We got a box with four mixed truffles. Stout, Lemon + Raspberry, Full Orange.
 While we started walking through the market we realized there were a bajillion Pokestops in the area! So we started to explore, and I caught my very first Lickitung, why is it the cutest though? I've never had one before, not even seen ones in the game, so I was pretty pleased about my catch. Pokemon Go had a special going on for Valentine's Day. Any Pink pokemon you caught, you had double candy for them. Making it super easy for you to level up.

 Our adventure took us into Over-The-Rhine. Which I've never been able to fully explore even though I've wanted to for quite a while. I finally got to explore Swoon. A lingerie shop that I follow religiously on Instagram. When I actually got the opportunity to check out the shop, I literally couldn't give up the chance. It was just as beautiful as their Instagram suggested. The Clerk had the most adorable bell bottomed Jumpsuit, it was to die for. There was even the cutest little lingerie set, rose pink, with black accents and peep holes everywhere. Of course it was like 90$ but I can dream right? The day I can afford to just drop $100 bucks on Lingerie would be a pretty one indeed.

We then went to Newport and saw the Lego Batman Movie. Can I just say that it was absolutely adorable, and even made me tear up a little bit. It even dealt with loneliness and the ability to have healthy relationships with others, which was perfect for Valentine's Day. I absolutely love, that Barbara Gordon was POC and Voiced by Rosario Dawson. Dick Grayson is my favorite Robin, so I was super excited to see him in this, even if his cape was shiny. I was also a huge fan of the callbacks to the batmen from before, even the black and white serials.

 After the Movie we came home and had a homemade dinner. Alex whipped up A baked potato, Lobster tail, Steak, scallops, Colossal Shrimp and Broccoli, by Candle Light. Who knew I would end up with such a hopeless romantic. He was the absolute sweetest, even got me cheesecake slices for dessert.

 How did you spend your Valentine's day? Let's compare stories on Twitter!!

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