Happy Pokemon Day!!

February 27, 2017

Hey Gang!

 I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Did you know Sunday was #PokemonDay?! Last year,  was Pokemon's 20th year anniversary! I was so excited for Pokemon that I created PokemonWeek! Pokemon related Content for an entire week leading up to the anniversary! If you'd like to see them, feel free to click this link, and *nudge* possibly subscribe to my youtube channel? I create a new video and publish every Thursday!

 I just cuddled up with Alex and the family and had a Pokemon Movie Marathon. I fully intended on doing a video for this special day, but it's so cold in my house, that the toggle button is totally stuck, so I'll have to my video in written form.

 Leading up to Pokemon Day, Pokemon Twitter has been asking trainers a few questions, and I gathered them all up so I could I answer them here, and I encourage you to answer them as well, in the comments below, or do your own video! If you do make sure you leave a link down below for me to watch, I love discovering new content!

 My first Pokemon Online Trade wasn't until very recently. I wasn't one for trading pokemon when I younger. I was so enthralled with every pokemon I caught that I wasn't even thinking about giving them away to someone else. I wound up catching an extra goldeen in Omega Ruby and traded it for an eevee. I was so excited! One of the best things about trading is that you have the ability to get pokemon that aren't in the generation that you are playing!

 My first Pokemon Contest was in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire for the GBA. I had caught a skitty and was able to participate in the cute contest. Skitty and I made it all the way to Hyper Rank! I was pretty proud of her if I do say so myself! This was a while back so I wasn't too interested in documenting my gaming.

 The First Shiny Pokemon I ever encounted was literally in Sun. I literally have the worst luck when it comes to EVERYTHING, so I wasn't too surprised that I had never come across a shiny before. When I finally did, it wasn't even that rare. I caught a finneon, and noticed that it had a different color scheme! Another awesome thing that occured while I was playing Sun. I caught a Pichu, in the wild, and it loved me enough to evolve into a Pikachu! If you didn't know, Pichu only evolves with a large feeling of friendship with it's trainer and it levels up! So literally, Pichu chose me.

 Pokemon Day also brought along the 2 year anniversary of Pokemon Shuffle! I am quite the fan of puzzle games and this brings the two together perfectly! I actually did a write up on the game a while ago because I was so in love. I'm not able to keep playing because it was on my original 3DSXL, and I don't really want to re-download it and start all over! I was on level 37 after all.

@pokemon also wanted to know who your favorite starters were. My favorite Kanto has to be Charmander. In Johto, it is definitely Cyndaquil. Now in Hoenn, I had a special place for both Treeko and Torchic. In Sinnoh, Chimchar takes the cake, a fire Monkey? How could you say no? Although I don't have any plushies of Starters, I just had to show you guys the plushies that I do have! Snorlax, Victini and Jirachi!

What are some of your favorite #Pokemon?! Lets #Fangirl about them on Twitter!!

 Bloglovin | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Twitch Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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