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February 20, 2017

Hey Gang!

  I absolutely love all of my tattoos. It took me a really long time to work up the courage to get my first tattoo. It seems so tiny and inconsequential compared to my others. It's the smallest of the three I have, or the ones that I have planned. I'd wanted a tattoo for such a long time, that I kind of built the hype, by the time I actually walked into the parlor for the first time, I was hyperventilating. There's a video about it. It didn't hurt nearly as I thought it would, or my latest one did. My parents are against tattoos.

 They've been very vocal about it. Although, two of my three tattoos are attributes of them for me to cherish for always, they've always told me they weren't "fans" of my tattoos. I love them dearly, and have always held their opinions above anyone else's, and for a while, even above my own, but this is one thing I won't budge on. I love my tattoos, they are here to stay, and my collection will continue to grow.

 Of the bloggers, and Youtubers I read and watch, there aren't very many that have tattoos, at least not ones that are visible. Of the few that I do, I love them just a little bit more for it. Not only are they presenting themselves to the internet for whatever their motivations are, they are showing us a little bit of their true selves, one picture, one video at a time, and there is great inspiration in that, for me at least. Jacquelin De Leon, Hey Claire, The Dainty Squid, Izznit, and Keiko Lynn are a constant inspiration for creativity.

 My first tattoo was a small one, inside my left wrist, of my favorite gaming series of all time, Professor Layton, His Hat. Layton reminds me of my father, one of my favorite people in the world. His games are fun, thought provoking and heart wrenching. I own the entire Gaming series, every Soundtrack, and the feature animated film, The Eternal Diva. I had the lace added to the original design, because I am a sucker for it. I got it done locally at Love Thy Neighbor.

 My 2nd Tattoo was actually a fluke. I am not one to just go into something blindly. Especially something that will be on my body for quite some time (possibly forever). However, I went into a tattoo parlor with a friend for moral support, and I couldn't resist having him draw something up for me as well. Thus, Victini was born. Victini is my favorite pokemon. He embodies freedom, and independence. Psychic and Fire, with a penchant for sweets? How could I not. He doesn't get much love, but that's fine, more for me. His favorite sweets are Macarons, so I had to give him a small pile to consume, I decided to put it on my back, because he's special to me, and I'm much too wimpy to have breasts tattooed. I also am becoming quite a fan of how sexy it looks when you can see his ears peeking from my off the shoulder tops and dresses.

 My 3rd tattoo is the most recent. I got it done at the beginning of the year. I had this silly idea, that I wanted to have a tattoo done in every city/state that I've ever lived in. So I swung down to Asylum Tattoo, in Ky. I'm glad that I had the experience, but I definitely won't be getting a tattoo from him again. My tattoos have all been slightly uncomfortable because, its a tattoo, and someone is pricking your skin in a design of your choosing. This one was the most pain, I'd ever felt in my entire life. I felt like I was being engraved. Granted, the lines are pretty and thick compared to the others, but the pain definitely wasn't worth it. This tattoo represents my mother and the innate curiosity she instilled in me at a young age. She and I are quite the mystery fans, and thoroughly enjoy Scooby Doo, so when I was designing the tattoo, the simple flower design from the Mystery Machine was essential. The Magnifying glass, symbolizing curiosity and research, something my mother preaches.

Do any of my readers have tattoos? Lets talk about them on Twitter I'd love to see. 

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