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April 28, 2017

Hey, Gang!

 I am so excited to be typing up this post right now. Alex and I have been in the new house since December. We've been working so hard trying to get settled in and things unboxed and trust me it has been a journey. One room I've been wanting to have perfect since I stepped foot in the new house, was my office. At the last house, I didn't really have a space just for me that I could brainstorm and create content in. The last house stifled my creativity, it was just too small.

 Now we actually have a house that we can grow in, and we're so excited we don't even know what to do about it. We've made a stop at Ikea, grabbed a cart (myself) a desk (Alex) and a turquoise blue 3 drawer dresser for the living room (ahem, me). We're going to split the Living room in half, as it is the largest room in the house, other than the basement, and that will be Alex's creative space.

 I've gotten my office organized ALMOST exactly how I want it. I'm just missing a couple of things. 1. I want to gather quite a few bookshelves, two more on one wall, so I can put up my figurines and such on display and then a large one to go into the alcove by the closet for all of my books.

2. I definitely want to get more shelving for my figurines and books. I wish I had a few smaller prints so I could cover more wall space. I'd love to get some prints from Frannerd, Jaqueline Deleon and MaisDue and put them up on my wall, they are three artists that I have been loving for a while now and I would love to display some of their inspirational work in my studio.

3. Get a wireless keyboard, to control the television from the other side of the room, instead of having to get up to switch episodes, movies etc.

 I originally wanted to get a chaise, or love seat for the other side of the room, so I could have something comfortable other than my rolling desk chair for gaming and relaxing. I bought a mini love seat sofa for $30 but the hallway leading to my studio is so weirdly shaped, that Alex and I weren't able to get it inside. Luckily, we made a random stop at goodwill, and there was this adorable white teacup chair, with a super soft cushion, it was priced for 15, but it was 50% off everything so I wound up walking away with it for only 8 bucks! You literally can't beat it!

 I'm so excited to create even more awesome youtube videos in this room, it's like double the last room I was creating in, I almost don't know what to do with all the space! Having room to move and actually create in has been great for my youtube videos if you haven't noticed. They're clearer, more precise, and looking great if I may add.

 If you didn't know, I also have a youtube channel, called Nerdette Minute. I create short opinion videos about Comics, Anime, Television, Film and Vlogs. It's pretty small right now, only 30 subscribers, but I absolutely love it, and I'm hoping that posting about it here, will help it grow. I will have a video tour soon, but for now, I just couldn't resist showing you guys where I create.

Where do you create? What would be in your studio? Let's talk about it on Twitter

Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~

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