Nerdette Minute #44: Shopping Haul

April 6, 2017

Hey Gang!

 I went shopping with my cousin about a week ago, I hadn't seen her in a while and then when she had some free time, I jumped the chance to hang out with one of my favorite girls! Make sure you check out Brianna, an epic travel and lifestyle blogger in her own right. I was so excited to go shopping, it had been a while since I had gotten anything for myself, so I thought it would be the perfect time to do so. Here's what we got.
 We visited Torrid, Hot Topic, H+M, and Charlotte Russe. I got enough underwear for the next month and a half, but I didn't really feel comfortable showing you those, or the braletts that I got, so the massive shopping haul turned into more of a regular haul.
 I was pretty excited to have a haul to show you guys, like I said before its been a while since I've done some serious shopping. It also felt pretty good to be back in front of the camera again. I have quite a few ideas for my Youtube channel, so make sure that you watch, like and subscribe so you don't miss out!

 Whats your favorite place to shop? Let's talk about it on Twitter! Don't forget to Like + Subscribe!

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