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August 8, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I can't believe it's already August! 2016 has just been zooming by! The summer is almost over, and the school year is starting again. Which is a little stressful for me, not because I will be attending classes, but because my Big Girl Job is going to start again, and that makes me a little nervous. Its supposed to be all electronic instead of paper based this time, which makes me even more nervous, because things that need battery power, generally die around me all the time.
 I just need time to slow down. Like I haven't been able to catch up! Now I'm 25, and it's already a new month, and I'm just like AAAAAAH, there are so many things that I want to do and I feel like time just isn't waiting for me, and now I'm running to catch up. I did manage to get some cool things done in July, and I can't wait to tell you guys about them!!

- When I was younger, one of my favorite book series, was Bunnicula, the vampire Rabbit, by James Howe, at the start of my relationship with Alex, we came across a paperback version in Barnes and Noble and it's fate was sealed. I bought it and we read it out loud together, and he loved it! So when we in Half Price Books around the end of July, I came across the entire rest of the set, except for one, so of course I had to get it! They said they could order the missing one online and have it sent to me, so pretty soon the set will be complete. It will probably be the 3rd complete series of books I've owned in my lifetime. I'm kind of excited about that. I read a lot, but their in my kindle or rented from the library, so I'm not really building a library, which is one of the few things that I've always wanted to do.

- Towards the end of July the #BlackWomenDidThat was trending on Twitter, and Jamie of Black Girl Nerds, recirculated an original post I wrote for them when I was just starting out. 20 Black Superheroine's You've Never Heard Of. It felt super good but also weird to see old content not only make the rounds again, but be relevant as well. I guess that's what is considered quality content huh.

- Level 5 released a trailer for the next Layton game, featuring his daughter. I instantly fell in love with her smile, wits and adorable outfit, like she has moved straight to the top of my cosplay list. I'm currently compiling all the reasons I'm excited into a video for you guys, but for right now I definitely wanted to including falling in love with Lady Layton in my July favorites. Like how could I not? Her mini Top Hat ya'll!!!

- Getting to celebrate My Birthday. My Sister's 18th Birthday. My Mother's Birthday. It was a blast. We played board games. Explored the city looking for Pokemon. Visited an art exhibit that really really pissed us off. Got delicious baked goods, appetizers and homemade Ribs, what more could you ask for?

- Seeing Star Trek Beyond, AND buying a USA TODAY SPECIAL for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. I'm always unsure when new members of the gang started following me. Maybe you were here the last time I talked about my love of the original series, maybe you weren't. Maybe you are tired of hearing about my love for Commander Spock, maybe you don't even know. SO, I'll tell ya anyway. Before I was Nerdette At Large, I was Vulcan Sugar and Spice, and I wrote fashion posts and makeup, with hints of Star Trek here and there. I discovered it at a time in my life when I was having issues being myself around people.

- This month I discovered and finished Season One of Penny Dreadful. I know I'm late. Since I started watching some semi-gory anime, I figured I could handle Penny Dreadful now. Even still, I'm a bit squeamish. There are certain parts on certain episodes I still turn away or close my eyes. I know I just turned 25, but I guess that doesn't automatically come with adult vision that's primed with unsqueamishness. <--- I know that's not a real word, just humor me. I am really enjoying it though, and I'm thinking about writing up a little something, a little later one. I kind of want to give you guys a break from the anime/television review/opinion posts, I've kind of been rolling them out.

- I am so excited that yet another Fangirling Post was well-received at Her Story Arc. I was so honored, when I was approached to write for them, and the fact that I have my own semi-regular series on another site, with a significant reach makes me feel like I'm finally getting somewhere as a blogger. I specifically say blogger, instead of writer, because although, the posts I created from them are text based, I do not want to be considered a freelance writer. I don't have the training or the heart that freelance writers do, like my cousin Brianna or Ed, and I feel like that would kind of be an insult to them. Also! Don't think I'm putting myself down, because I'm not. I learned a long time ago, that I didn't want to be a writer. I wanted to create "something" that "someone" could enjoy. Which is definitely what I'm doing as a content creator, so yeah, I may not be getting paid a living wage for it right now, but I thoroughly enjoy being a multi-media content creator, and when you love what you are doing how can you go wrong?

 Did you guys do anything fun in July? I love being able to share my adventures with you guys, and Vis a Vis, so lets chat about it on Twitter! Also, YAY, to the crazy jump in Followers, I'm almost to 490 followers!!! Thanks so much for hanging out with me gang, it is such a blast!!!

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~

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