My Go To Tips for Beginning Convention Goers.

August 15, 2016

Hey Gang!

  As I watch the calendar jealously, Convention season is about to start up again. Specifically San Diego Comic Con. No lie, it is my dream to go there. It's number 4 on my bucket list. *Side Note, I may be able to break another number on my bucket list, meeting Stan Lee because he's coming to Cincinnati Comic Expo.*
 A great place to find conventions in your area is Eventbrite, the largest self-service ticket website, with their awesome conferences page, you can find conventions in your area, and even help get your own convention open and available for ticket purchases.
 My first convention was Ohayocon, in Columbus Ohio, I was a college freshman, and I went with my college's Anime Club, *sniff Good Times*, I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was doing man did it show. I did a decent job of blogging about it, but not being prepared to explore it! I actually wrote about this four years ago, but here is a more updated version.  I want to share some do's and don't's with you guys, so you don't make the same mistakes I did.

- Get a Map. You can generally find a program towards the entrance. Grab one. There is nothing worse than getting lost, especially in bigger conventions. There's a lot of unnecessary walking that you can avoid by simply reading the program guide.

- Schedule. See if you can find programming on their website so you can plan accordingly. You don't have to follow your schedule to a T, but you do want to have some idea of what you want to see, who you want to see and how long it will take. Then you can cut activities according to how much time you have. It is also good to make a list of everyone you want to see, so you don't miss anyone!

- Weather-Proof Packing: Pack accordingly, especially if your convention takes place in areas with unpredictable weather, like *ahem* Ohio.  I always pack one outfit for every day that I'm away. Plus some type of pajamas and one tank top and one pull over. I always wear the tanktop and I tie the pullover around my waist so if it gets cold I can put it on, or if it gets hot, I can strip down to the tank top, with minimal effort. ALSO FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES!!!! If you are cosplaying, look into gel inserts, for the shoes you are wearing. I wore Zatanna to a relatively small convention and walked to the car barefoot, because I couldn't handle my stilettos. Inserts are a gals best pal.

- Snacks: I like to go to the grocery store nearby the night before the convention. I grab a couple of sodas, and easy to carry easy to eat one handed snacks. There is nothing worse than getting sick or fainting during your convention so make sure that you remember to feed yourself. Packing your own snacks, allows you to eat on the go and save all that hard earned money for the good stuff, a decent trip down Artist Alley.

- Checklist: I create a checklist every night before I go to bed, so I know everything that I need for the next day. This includes things like put all electronics on charge, pack both cameras. List of comics I need to have so I can get them signed. What snacks and drinks I want to bring, so in the morning, I can toss everything in my bag and be ready to go.

- MOST IMPORTANT! Cosplay is NOT consent. DON'T BE A CREEP. Ask a cosplayer before taking a photo. If they tell you no, then let that be the end of it. They are human beings just like you and me, would you like it if someone followed you around the entire convention? Or if they touched you without permission? Exactly. The same principles apply here. If you'd like more information, this is great guide. 

Just remember to be fun and to be safe, after all that's the point right? Do you have any go to tips when it comes to convention going? Make sure to visit Eventbrite for conventions in your area. Let me know if you're visiting any in the Ohio/ Kentucky area! Lets talk about it on Twitter!!

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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