My Thoughts On: Chaika: The Coffin Princess Season 1 (Spoilers)

August 26, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I've watched quite a bit of anime lately, thanks to my awesome subscription to Crunchyroll. Since I'm shelling out money every three months, I figured I would write up my thoughts on each one I complete. Of course, I didn't think about this idea until I'd already watched about 8, but hey, its the thought that count's right?

 Today, I'm going to ponder about Chaika: The Coffin Princess. I started this anime Fresh off the tears from Black Bullet, so the opening scene was definitely a welcoming change. I was definitely expecting it to be a bit more serious, but I will take levity whenever I can get it. Chaika is so adorable, although slightly annoying that she speaks in incomplete sentences.

 Saboteurs, seem to be more than ninjas but note quite mechanized beings I think it was unique that memories in the form of magic fuel powered all the technology. I loved the growing relationship between Chaika ad Toru. I will ship that all day. You can tell Toru's true feelings, under the magic spell when he's bawling about Chaika not leaving him for Gillette Sama.
 I know that Frederica was a Dragoon and pretty much unkillable, but was it really necessary to kill her so many times? If Toru isn't meant to be a saboteur what will he eventually become? I'm so glad there's a second Season for this, hopefully, a few of my unanswered questions will be taken care of then. It was so different seeing a unicorn in such a violent light. They're always adorable magical creatures. Anime these days sure are bloody.
 I don't remember them being quite so brutal. Then again, my parents were pretty strict about what I could read and watch. So maybe, I just never encountered any? Why does Chaika carry a coffin? Not every Chaika is a wizard, who trained them all? Who created them all? Is it possible that Gaz had that many daughters? Is Zita a Chaika as well? Also, who the heck is the Ghost? Dude, that little kid Ricardo went down so easily, especially after killing all those girls? He wasn't anything special, just a serial killer. My question is if all those had the ability to be fuel, then why was the village so low on stock? How much fuel was really needed to pilot the flying castle?

  In saving Leo, did Gillette Sama perish? I really liked him. Why did Vivi's hair turn white, when she learned the news? I don't think Gillette is dead. I'm hoping he will pop up in season two, like "Hey Guys, did ya miss me?". You'd think that if she needed that coffin that it would at least be light for her, like Thor's Hammer, but instead her just drags it around like everyone else. The ghost lady almost looks regal, like a princess or something. Ain't it just like a sibling to interrupt a kiss we waited all season for. Ricardo and Chaika Layla die together.

This anime was the perfect mix of serious and playful, there were many a time when I laughed out loud. It was weird to me, that I found a good portion of the characters likable, even a couple of the bad guys. This anime was much less sad, which made me way happier. The slapstick comedy was exactly what I needed to recover from Black Bullet. It's a bit bloody, but definitely a semi positive story with a decent segway into the next season. There is something to be said about Layla's last line. I lived and died doing what I wanted. Being free of anyone else's programming and influence. There should be no regrets about a life of freedom. 5 of 5.

Have you guys watched The Coffin Princess? Have more anime to recommend? Lets get hype about it on Twitter!

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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