Adventures With Spokhette #1: Covington Coffee

August 12, 2016

Hey Gang!

I've been trying to get out and explore my city more. Since I work at night, and work on the blog during the day or when I get off work, its super easy to spend the rest of my free hours sleeping. I'm trying to get better about getting out, and working on my blog in fresh places. They say that it juices up the old spark plugs, and can inspire new ideas.
 Pretty close to my house, a new coffee shop opened up and I thought I would check it out. The staff is super friendly, and although I couldn't eat anything because there were nuts, I enjoyed my stay. I'm not a coffee or tea fan, so I opted for the carbonated lemonade. I was probably there for an hour but I saw all kinds. Businessmen, and Wedding Photographers and the conversation was never stilted. It was a very calming experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed working on the New Game Review post while I was there.

Have you been exploring your cities? Have you come across any awesome places lately? Let's chat about our adventures on Twitter!!

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~

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