Christmas Time in the city.

December 16, 2011

Snow hasn't grabbed us yet but you know what has? The Christmas Spirit! I am very excited that there are only 9 days left until Christmas. So, last night I finished the last of my christmas shopping. I was so excited. This is my first christmas that I have actually gotten presents for other people. I cannot wait for people to start opening them!! I just asked my Auntie J, if we could move christmas up like 3-4 days...But of course not. 
 When it comes to holiday spirit, I am nothing but a huge kid. I love everything about getting ready for a holiday. Setting up decorations, setting up the tree. It's just so MUCH fun! Unfortunaltely I couldn't get my Auntie J, to budge, but to no avail. So I guess I'll just work those days, and show you guys the awesome pictures I took.

Here's wishing that Christmas Arrives sooner!
Mistress Out,


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