Sandy's 12 days of Christmas

December 20, 2011

Hello, Spokhette Readers! 
A short video introduction. It's nerdy. Seriously >.<

The Nerdy Nook Shop
1. Top Shop. 2 & 3. Modcloth. 4. The Bloggess. 5. Singer

I added a few extra necessities from Present & Correct to my ever-growing wish list >.< I have an obsession with cards, bags, and anything that is classified as office supplies. It's a sickness.
Present & Correct

Stop by my humble online abode and say hello! I'm always excited to hear from other bloggers and make new friends! :D In a few short months I've met some really amazing, sweet, and beautifully talented ladies that I'm happy to call friends. I'm eager to meet more of you :)


P.S. Isn't she just the cutest?! Yay for my first guest blog going according to plan! YAY! Make sure you guys go visit her, and give her all the love and friendship she deserves kay?

Mistress out,


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