Handheld Mistress #2: Popped your slug and wrote about it.

December 15, 2011

I know. I know. Every time I write one of these things I start with I know its been a long time, but this time it has been really long!! The last time I wrote anything game related was in AUGUST 16th!!So I really have some updating to do.  Within this time, I have accumulated 3 games. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future: Birthday Present from Claire.  Today, I stopped by Gamestop after Going to breakfast and movies. We went to go see In time. It was amazing!!! I loved the premise of the movie and it was amazing!! I really like the movie, I definitely plan on getting it on DVD, along with X-men: First Class.
-Luke seems to be super adorable in this version. His suitcase has a teddy bear for Goodness sake.
-Who doesn't like a game about time travel?

  I was going to buy three games. Puyo Pop Fever, Metal Slug 7 and Catherine! I even got a discount, but the gamestop didn't get an actual copy. Just the case. A COMPLETE LETDOWN. And I didn't have time to go to another store and pick it up. So I was super pissed. I wound up just grabbing the first two games. I was very exstatic to actually find a Puyo Puyo game in the states!! I used to play 1 ,2 and Fever on my emulator, I am so geeked.
-I am totally biased, I used to play Puyo Puyo 1 + 2 until I couldn't see straight.
-Very excited to have a portable version, instead of my emulator on my laptop.
-Super Adorable. The music and graphics just makes me feel like a 16 year tokyo lite, that plays her Ds on the way home from school, with like phone charms hanging from it haha.

 I also purchased Metal Slug 7. I was also excited to find an old favorite in a new case.

Mistress out,


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