Merry Chrishanuzaayule!

December 26, 2011

So, I just wanted to wish all of my amazing readers and everyone else out there in the world a merry christmas, happy Hanukkah, wonderful kwanzaa, blessed yule and whatever else holiday you choose to celebrate. Christmas has been over for an hour now and I'm just now getting back to normal. For christmas I received: a red and gold hobo bag, a plethora of zombie and geek buttons, a betty boop pajama set, $20 and a brand new laptop! Which is great because my previous one is looking a little worse for wear.
  You are probably thinking that is what I'm writing this on but you would be mistaken! Both my mother and sister received a tablet for Christmas. I am using my mothers right now. I like it. its large enough for you to see everything and enough room for you NOT to feel cramped unlike with my sisters, however she is smaller and younger than me, so I can only assume that version is easier for her to handle, she seems to like it well enough. She calls it Pedwo and has not parted from it yet.
  To be truthful, I am a touch sad I did not receive one, but I am not one to complain, and I would feel disrespectful and out of place if I asked about it so I shall refrain. My new laptop is a touch larger than last years model, and to be truthful I am not quite sure what to do with it yet. I tried to connect to the internet but it came with windows xp, which has an awful time with certificates. So, I have spent the last two days trying to install a linux operating system in its place. My laptop currently runs Mint 10, but of course, we could not find the disc during this install.
 However, it does not seem to be taking well to it, at all. We have tried multiple os including: peppermint 2, pc linux Os, mythbuntu, unbuntu 7,but nothjng seemed to says that i didnt let it charge enough, eyeroll. So that is what is what its doing right now. Gi and I spent the weekend opening presents, stuffing our faces and playing epic yarn. As a lover of all knitwear and needlecrafts I have to say that this is a game anyone can play and that you all will enjoy. Speaking of enjoying,  I have come across a really awesome knitting/sewing blog that I want to turn everyone interested in that kind of thing on to! Its called knitxcore. Written by a guy named robbie, it's funny, well written and even includes patterns from time to time, I am in love with his humor, photo taking ability and the layout of his blog! I highly recommend all of you to go read it!
  since I work later today, I better get some sleep. But don't worry. As soon as my laptop is up and running ill upload all the fantastic fotos I took this weekend. I am so excited for this week. Ill be spending it with a bunch of people I love, and its the end of a wonderful/stressful year. I hope next year is just As grand! Within the next week or so I shall be posting my new years resolutions, I did a video last year, so maybe I'll do one again this year, guess well just have to see.

mistress out,

p.s. Edit: Mom gave her tablet to me as of tuesday night. I am very excited to start using it. I can take it with me on the road and actually take care of business. I just need a case, and ill be ready to go!

hope you guys enjoyed your christmas!


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