Needles of a feather stick together an whatnot?

December 14, 2011

       I know I haven't really posted anything shop/hobby wise in  while. So I thought I would start today, seeing as I'm scheduled to show work in progresses. Usually, these posts are few and far in between. But today I have kind of a two parter for you! I can show you a yarn haul! AND a finished product! I love it when a plan comes together.
     I have finally finished Dee's Scarf turned Cowl. It's Very adorable. And I made a pattern for it, So I can make it over and over and over again! Anyone want a custom cowl, all you have to do is email me. 

Yarn Haul: Greyblu, Purple, Grey and White, Red, Black w/glitter

Black with Glitter: Denise Legwarmers

Grey Blu: On sale

White with grey stripes: Simone, Traci, Shawn Scarves

Red: Daimar, Shawn Scarves

 Dark Purple: S n M's Scarf

So that's whats been going on hobby/shop wise. I still have quite a few commissions to complete. But I want to get them done before I start making anything new for the shop. I don't want anything getting lost in the scramble!! I promise to get these projects done before 2012, because I want to be completely and utterly organized. I am ready to take my business in a completely different direction and I want to be prepared for the new move.

Mistress Out,

P.s. I've been knitting and watching Friendship is magic...I think its time for school to start, and in a hurry.


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