The proper way to spend a weekend with a cute poet.

December 5, 2011

 This weekend my talented and eye roll worthy Favorite Guy Will came down to visit me! I hadn't seen him since Anime Punch and it was very nice to get to know each other all over again. Lol. I'm such a lush, when it comes to spending time with people. I can never get enough. We also went shopping so I can show off my adorable haul an tell you all about it. Meet Will.
 Banner prototype
 Banner prototype #2
 My life in pictures
 Headbands 2 for 3 Glitter

 Silhoutte and Panda Earrings Glitter/Hot Topic
 Clay Earrings
 My Earrings Glitter
 Scoop + Watchmen Biglots  $3
 Me and Will #3
 Me and Will #2
 Me and Will #1
 Face Friday: Pink +White

  Mistress Out,


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